The truth about Eve Thomas false claims about me.

So this is in regards to Eve and her faithful followers post’s flat-out lying about what I’ve said on my twitter account and here on my blog. First let me point out how her followers also love to use police as a scare tactic when anyone calls her behavior out. This is a tweet I received from one of her friends.

Eve's buddy

This is a typical abuser tactic to scare victims into silence one in which Eve and her followers seem to pull all the time. I’m sure these same police officers have no clue they are being Misused in this way.

Eve, claims to have now started actually stalking me on a personal level, with claims “We” (which she uses a lot although the we is another mystery) knows I supposedly only have a high school education. Wrong! And I find it highly entertaining that I told her I use the same material for dv education purposes that my local dv shelter uses, as that’s where I got it. However, her non qualified self seems to believe she knows better than an actual dv shelter obviously. And let me clear up another one of her lies. It’s clear as day on my profile, blog, and website that I’m one person. Voicelessnomore isn’t a charity. I’m an online advocate/activist just like she claims to be so now how is she more qualified than any other? She’s not, not by far. These supposed other attacks weren’t attacks, they were difference of opinions on the Jeremy Forrest case. I do not believe grown men should sleep with teenage girls, sorry but Oh well there were no attacks. I also called out a man over the same but for using the title “Child Web Models” to exploit teenage girls. Now is that wrong? Now attacks, just wouldn’t agree it was ok and did alert someone to check out the child web modeling, not the models. My tweets are still there to see. Her main focus comes from a woman who I also wouldn’t agree with over the same case and declined to “read her book” I do not feel pity for grown men who abuse, exploit, and sleep with teenage girls. I’m sorry she experienced it but I have no interest of understanding, it’s wrong period. And declining to read a personas book isn’t being rude either. That’s the great thing about free will! I also want to point out that I never wanted to know Eve’s abuse details and I find it a little childish she decided to play the “who’s suffered more abuse” card. As a matter of fact I never said anything about her abuse period! Nor did I claim it was her fault! Eve twists everything people say to make her look like a victim once again and I won’t play into it because no one is victimizing her.

eve's lies

However, and only to show my point her behavior shows many signs of that which is in the articles. See links for info then watch her behavior towards others

Now before you start, let me point out that a lot of Domestic Violence Abusers behave and think this way. So don’t just jump on the I’m only talking about her b.s. I believe if you know how to look for signs such as these it will save you a lot of trouble. We as survivors seem to only apply red flags when it comes to new bf/gf’s and then fall victim to someone else just in a different type of way.

If you read the articles above you will see similar behavior. For example: Sees self as “unstoppable” perhaps has even said so. #onevoice NEVER silenced. Demands blind unquestioned obedience. When you do you end up writing this right here because you are the new bully victimizing her. Has a sense of entitlement – expecting to be treated special at all times Eve’s constant violations of twitter and other sites TOS for spamming, and treating others bad which she see’s as ok because think of the charities. smh. Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) that allows him to bend rules and break laws..because she was abused and think of the charities. smh. Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy. Now this right here really shows how Eve treats others here is a link that shows how she uses this another victim and if you look at her tweets about me she calls me ignorant, un-educated, and vile. Sound a little inferior to her does it? The grandiosity it is often accompanied by paranoia and this becomes part of the basis of the ‘us versus them’ mentality in cultic groups. Everyone who isn’t on her band wagon becomes part of a conspiracy against her. They are rarely original thinkers, instead gathering up ideas from other people and packaging them together. While they may not give credit to others, they certainly want that their minions give them credit. Two things come to mind, #onevoice (which has existed for years), and #worldpeaceday (which has also been around for a long time). When caught out, psychopaths will often deny or minimize the effect of their actions on others. In fact, they typically make out that they are the victim! And they can play the victim role very well. For them it’s simply another one of the masks that they present to the world. She does this everytime some one simply asks her a question or calls her out on her behavior. You are then called a bully, or with me falsely portrayed as a victim blamer, conspiracy, abuser, mental abuser, ect, ect. Sociopaths often spend a good deal of time creating reputations for themselves that allows them to continue manipulating and abusing people. When they are exposed they may simply disappear to look for other victims. If they have a lot invested in where they are, they will fight to maintain their power. And they will be nasty about it. They will lie, cheat, blackmail, threaten legal actions and even use the courts to protect their reputation. And often they will make themselves out to be the victims! A common occurrence is to blame the people exposing them of doing the very thing that they themselves are doing. For example, the sociopaths will say that they are not manipulating others, their accusers are manipulating the evidence. And they will typically attack the person/s accusing them, rather than deal with what the accusers are saying. Sound familiar?

Another good example of this see photo below that was sent to me about Emma & I.

smh lies

The voice behind the words sounds like Eve herself and unless Theresa Bell comes forward and takes ownership of her lies I will continue to believe this is Eve. Now 1) There’s that word again “vile” remember that, how Eve referred to me as that? 2) She lies and claims I blamed Eve for a sexual assault. Complete lies! Never did I once even mention any sexual assault, nor blame her for it. See my other blogs about her. Move house? No, I said no victim can afford to pick up and move but we do because we are worried about our safety. This was in regards to Eve posting the fact she still lives in the same house she suffered abuse but is paranoid & uses it as an excuse that she’s worried about her safety, but puts it online for everyone to see. Once again twisting what was said to act as victim. No what I did was point out her behavior and how what she says is inconsistent with her behavior. She started going on about her abuse after claiming I was ignorant, un-educated, and not qualified to help anyone. It was a, lets play who suffered more abuse but I’m an adult and I won’t play childish games like that. My abuse isn’t a weapon to be used against others or for a pity me trip while I’m lying on someone who called me out. But hey there’s that inferior complex showing. This is also far from the first times she’s “defended herself”. Where do you think all these abusers and bullies of hers came from? Terrible life, more of Eve’s voice as she constantly says she had a bad life. Which is pretty bad that she can’t see past her abuse to understand, or realize that her abuse wasn’t her life. However, she’s made it her life and obviously can’t get past it. NYE used that way is also Eve’s voice. I know some may think this is Tammy but words are expressed in Eve’s voice. She did not have to tell anyone this. She has been posting contradicting, & misleading tweets so I pointed them out. She’s said she’s facing prison for contempt for not giving her abuser her phone number. In family courts, see my blog original blog. She has posted this many times  and others found it misleading as well. Most of us have only heard of one abuser and didn’t know there was another and didn’t know she had more than just the two daughters as that’s all she ever mentioned. When you only post half of things, when you do it multiple times, it leaves people not believing. I had first removed that part of my blog and tweeted that I had done so, however I re-posted the original because she then went onto insinuating I had said something bad or that I shouldn’t by simply stating she had said her daughters were of age. That they were old enough by law to call, see, or visit whomever so I didn’t understand the court thing. It would be like the media posting half of a court proceeding and leaving the rest out. You would be thinking what. She could easily just stated it wasn’t her ex so those reading wouldn’t think it was, or without the dramatic effect of listing things as she did towards me. Why post half if you don’t want anyone to know? Pointing inconsistencies out is not victim blaming or acting as though what happened is her fault. No woman or man deserve to be assaulted. But her actions of posting all of this online while going on about safety doesn’t make sense, and as now if you say anything about it, you become a bully. So lets see, post and you become a bully, or as for others ask and you still become a bully. Either way unless you go along with every word she says you become a flipping bully!

Let me clear Theresa’s lies again. see below


Theresa Bell lies and states that I supposedly blame Eve over EL James. 1) I have utterly no freaking clue what she means by blames Eve. Blames Eve for what. I posted how I seen Eve trying to leach onto EL James fame. That has nothing to do with anyone but Eve herself. I posted how Eve tweeted constantly to EL James over the 50sog book and domestic violence, below you will see a blog post by Eve about El James saying she is angry over EL James basically called dv victims witches. However, Eve goes onto calling other dv victims bully, mental abuser, victim blamers, liars, conspiracy, ignorant, vile, uneducated, & not qualified lol. See the pot calling the kettle black there? Do worse to your own contributors and others after being very sad and angry over EL’s response.

el james blog

Now I want to clear up another lie from the post a few above. I have not joined anyone. The things I have posted are what I have seen & now show. I’m not a follower and I just met the women she suggests I’ve joined in with. I do have a mind of my own, and can think for myself. I’m not un-educated as Eve likes to claim. My tweets and blog are public so you can see what I have and have not said.

This is it for me as I’ve clearly made my point. I do not dwell on my past nor use it for attention. I apologize to the rest of my followers who have had to witness this. I am returning to my positive messages. I will not respond to Eve or anything unless on here to clear it up. As I said all is open to see. My past does not define me nor does Eve Thomas!!


3 thoughts on “The truth about Eve Thomas false claims about me.

  1. As an observer to the conversation, I admit to being completely baffled by Eve’s decision to reveal her past in such gratuitous detail. It seemed melodramatic and bore no relation to the actual conversation. I used to follow her until I questioned her motives in writing the letter to Nigella Lawson in the Mirror. It was a polite question but I was instantly blocked.

  2. I dislike any form of bullying. She uses the Police in the UK as a form of backup like a typical bully does. This is a case of an Abused person turning into an abuser and the Police need to re-evaluate the kind of people in public they use. This is one very angry victim who now seems to be filled with self importance and power she abuses. To me it is just a continuation of Abuse the biggest issue we have in this world. I completely agree with you and like your blog. We need more people like you. The world needs healing not more messed up people messing up.

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