Red Flags In Eve Thomas’s Behavior

Like everyone else, I met Eve Thomas on twitter. At first she seem to be genuine in wanting to help other Domestic Violence Victims as other’s online were. She campaigned against EL James, & her book 50 Shades Of Grey as to it showing domestic violence. She tweeted to her over it relentlessly over her book. She wanted to meet with her  but Mrs James never responded, or declined. At that time I was pretty busy with home life & work so I hadn’t kept up on the issue with Mrs James , and hadn’t read the book. I just noticed Ms Thomas’s constant tweets to her when I would sign in. Then Eve wanted to write a book and include dv victims chapters written by them about their experience’s. I’ve been through Domestic Violence, Been Raped, & grew up in an abusive home, and decided I was going to contribute to the book. I was going to blog about my experience with each one, then let Eve decide what she wanted to use. However, I started noticing a lot of Red Flags in Eve’s Behavior. One was the fact she wanted to name the book 50 Shades Of Abuse. One of the chapters to be included in her book was about how Mrs James book caused her to be abused by her husband. The book was a good concept, and the contributor could have still included her experience’s, However, calling it close to Mrs James book just appears like a bad marketing grab to attach herself to Mrs James book and fame. It defeats the real purpose of the book, which was supposed to be to tell 50 women’s stories of abuse, but that’s not what it was obviously intended for.

Another Red Flag I noticed was the fact that Eve loves to copy other people’s ideas then claim them as her own. Such as “World Peace Day” she spammed over it as though she had created it, when World Peace Day has been around for years. Then came another with “One Voice” which has also been around for a very long time, however she continues to try to stick claim as the creator.  I could see right then that everything she was doing was more for attention for herself and her ego than it was to help others. She continued onto spamming those in the media, and even Opera with her book and one voice. When it came to rapists, or rape apologists, unless they were someone in the media, or media light somewhere, she had no interest in them or what they were doing. Example. The Ohio teen rape case brought out the rape apologist with full force, everywhere you look there they were. I noticed one in such harmful man. His name was Michael Crook. Besides this man posting vile tweets about the girl, he had also got ahold of her name somehow and had posted it online. The way he spoke and a photo he had up I could tell he had to be an ex con who’s done time. I was right, others had dug into his background and found past charges. He was following other young teenage girls, so I mentioned him to Eve since she was currently spamming another man who was in the media and over rape. The response I got was the biggest Red Flag I needed to see. Her response about a man, where even anonymous stepped in was to “just ignore” people like that. Ignore a regular apologist who released a rape victims name online and who Anon even seen as harmful & dangerous obviously because he was unknown & therefor no fame for her to latch onto.

I had already sloppily & quickly written one blog about my ex but stopped there because I wasn’t about to contribute to something that was being misused for her own personal gain. A good second example of how Ms Thomas isn’t being honest when it comes to her stance on abuse is her connection to a man in Nigeria. One who claims he is against abuse, rape, ect. However, this man wrote a blog called “It’s All Your Fault” and had tagged me and others in it. I couldn’t believe what I was reading from someone who claims he is against violence. His blog literally told women that it was their fault they had been abused. I openly called this man out for his harmful post. Another twitter user said that they had been following him for awhile over similar posts about rape. This man is a close twitter buddy of Eve’s, which during the entire conversation over it, she remained 100% quiet. Not for long though as after she went onto constantly tweeting how he was such a good guy. This guy gave a fake apology and sadly many believed him and continue to follow him. He’s written other blogs I see fishy but he will be another blog. Eve has let this same man in her #onevoicebuddies chat twitter which is now private and trying to appeal to teens & kids.

Speaking of #onevoicebuddies & Eve, I finally unfollowed her after seeing a post about it, where it was listed as open to abusers as well. Last I knew most victims don’t want to be in a chat with abusers. After I unfollowed her I noticed a tweet she had sent me asking if I was “ok”. If I was ok because I unfollowed her? An image of my sister popped into my head as I read that. My sister is a scam artist who like’s to manipulate her victims with such of the sort. She thinks she’s a psychologist however she’s only taken the same basic courses as any college student going into any field. I started posting about how we use Red Flags in everyday life so that we don’t fall into revictimization, hoping people would open their eyes and see through what she was doing. She never stopped tweeting to anyone & everyone she could that was in the media somehow, fully ignoring those who were harmful but unknown. It became clear that Eve’s real intentions were not to help others but a quest for personal fame.

I had finally blocked Eve and stopped paying attention to what she was doing. Now I wish I had warned others instead because I noticed she had started turning on her own contributors. Contributors who were now calling to have their chapters removed due to her behavior.  Here is a link to another blog that shows exactly how Eve treated one

I finally started to speak out once all this started and I noticed she was harassing others yet calling them bullies. I had noticed her posts before about Goodread Bullies but had no clue until now what that was all about. Her posts on them are very misleading once you get the full info. If you watch, anyone who doesn’t agree or go along with Eve becomes a “bully” & part of a conspiracy from an international cyber-gang/cyber-terrorist. Sorry but I have to laugh. She threatens to go to police over things that aren’t bullying or illegal.

The book, wow where do I start, oh yes, don’t leave a review! If you do and it’s a bad one, her faithful followers will harass you over it and call you a bully. The book itself, should have been done by someone else. You almost wonder if she put it together the way she did, un-edited, knowing it would attract her more attention over bad reviews. Reviews in which she takes & twists into these gr bullies are “attacking the victims” and not the truth that she failed the contributors. She claims by editing it, it removes their voice. Which everyone knows it doesn’t. She attracted more attention to herself by claiming everyone was attacking the victims when they clearly we not. She calls herself the “Author” of 50soa when it’s plain as day all she did was copy, paste, and upload what the real authors had written and sent her. That’s not an author!

She first stalled as much as she could in removing the chapters of the contributors she began harassing. Truth is, she has no legal rights to the book, the profits, none of it because there were never any legal contracts signed by anyone. She claims to have very quickly started her own foundation called The Eve Thomas Foundation. However, I know she’s not had time for it to be legal. I’m still in the process of fully finishing everything for my foundation and I started before she did. Besides that contributors, many others have called for proof and more information on her foundation, and to show where money has went to the charities she claims will receive money. Eve still to today refuses to hand over that information and just continues to stall and ignore. It’s clear that she knows nothing about the laws that go along with running a foundation therefor it’s obvious that it’s not in legal standing. By law she must release the financials to it. Here’s her catch though, if you look at her site or tweets you see that she says ALL Revenue goes to the nominated charities. All means total, and she can’t divide up the total until the book is no longer for sale. Which bring me to, how long does she plan to leave it up before she takes it down and finally gives the charities their money? Is she dividing the money with each book purchase? I highly doubt it! These charities will most likely never see any money. Eve Thomas isn’t even her real name so therefor The Eve Thomas Foundation isn’t a real person, it’s a made up character. One Voice isn’t her charity either so if anyone attempts to collect money promised they won’t be able to.

I noticed many, many more Red Flags but the most clearly show she’s out for fame & using victims to get it. Money isn’t her main focus, as her faithful followers like to use to defend her so-called honesty. Eve’s claims of the gr bullies are unfounded from what I see. Giving books bad reviews is not bullying, its criticism. Something everyone from Artists, Writers, Fashion Designers, to Filmmakers have to face and deal with. Calling reviewers bullies and harassing them will not look good on your career. I would post screen caps but with words alone this post will be to long. I do have them though.

Another alarming Red Flag is how she continuously posted that she and one voice was giving the 50 contributors, and victims around the world “a voice”. Just the sentence alone…”giving victims a voice” sounds like an abuser. No one can give anyone their voice, only that person can gain the courage and use their voice. No one gives it to you unless you’re not allowed to have one unless they say. She didn’t do anything. I saw women use the courage they already had within themselves to speak out and share their stories. They did that, not her! But if you watch her posts her ego shows all the time as everything is honestly only about her. Her voice is the only one that honestly matters to her.

With her behavior and quest at fame at all costs, I’m very concerned when it comes to her trying to appeal to kids, teens, and suicidal teens, & adults. These are people she should not be allowed contact with, with how she has already treated adult victims. I intend to keep watching her, not to stalk, but to watch when it concerns kids, teens, & suicidal teens. It only takes one wrong conversation that could send a suicidal teen even further, and with her twitter buddy’s views on victims of abuse & rape I do not think anyone under 21 should be following one voice buddies. The concept of it is another good idea however it needs to be ran by real professionals, especially where abusers are not allowed!

As for adults all I will say is you make your own decisions and I wont tell you what to believe, it’s all there for others to see, on her blog, in her tweets, and all over the internet from  others who have dealt with her, ect. You make your own decision. But parents please be informed of her behavior towards adult victims and watch you kids. I’ve noticed she is now using kids to get a free logo made to keep from having to pay for one. To parents of those who enter, she needs your signed consent to legally use any image she may pick. If she doesn’t present you with a legal contract from a business lawyer…do not allow your childs image to be used!

She recently in my opinion, disrespected a certain female victim, (once again who she can gain attention from) in her quests for personal fame by using her to gain attention from the Mirror. An interview in which she claimed people should respect her privacy. However, not only was she not respecting her privacy by using her for attention but she also posted the controversal photo on her twitter. Which she removed after I mentioned it to another twitter. I have the screen cap of it in her profile pictures for any who wish to see but I refuse to post it online.

Now I want to point out inconsistencies I noticed in her story with the Mirror where she’s talking about her own story. In one part she clearly states that when she first went to the police she got no real help, they told her to go home and sort it. However, further down you will see where she claims she was very well protected, or helped from the beginning. Which is it? I point this out because of the fact that after people started realizing how she treats others she has been on it to follow and befriend police officers. I find this to be another abuser tactic when she’s threatened people with charges on false allegations.

She is now posting about how instead of fighting each other we should unite. This is not an honest suggestion by her. She thinks by suggesting it people will forget her real motives and let her continue to lie and misuse others in her quest for fame. I for one will not! I only unite with honest people who are really about helping others because it’s what is right. I posted again asking for her to release the information everyone has requested and as before notta. I also suggested that if she’s not using others to gain personal fame to instead let one of the contributors be the media for the book, & without mentioning her name, just talk about what the book is for. Let a contributor that hasn’t harassed the one’s who called for their chapters to be removed, or those she calls the gr bullies. That’s what the book & project were suppose to be about in the first place. Nothing! I recently read where the twitter account @50shadesabuse declined Eve’s request to represent their campaign in the media here is the link to read their post

I could keep going but it would turn into a book of its own. There are other things I see that for now I will refrain from posting for the time being. There are signs of things in some of my other blogs that describe a few different people’s behavior on twitter. This will most likely be added to but for now I intend to enjoy the fireworks. I apologize for the structure as I’m trying to hurry to enjoy the rest of my night. I urge everyone to use Rad Flags in everyday life as it will save you from falling victims to other things! Have a safe & happy 4th of July!

Here is more information I think you will find interesting & should be aware of


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